Total Solar Eclipse '99 -viewed from Elazig, Turkey August 11, 1999
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How Dark did it get during Totality?

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Jen's Travel Journal.
Come along with us for the first-hand reports of traveling eclipse chasers through our adventures in Turkey and Romania.

Flaming red prominences hover over a string of Baily's Beads (above) as the last vestiges of sunlight disappear a split second before Totality in Turkey.

Join us for a look at the last total solar eclipse of the millennium from our location at Lake Hazar near Elazig, Turkey on the afternoon of Aug. 11, 1999.

© 1999 Vic & jennifer Winter ICSTARS Astronomy

The Turkey Eclipse trip was dedicated to the memory of Ken Willcox, who led us on so many successful eclipse adventures. Our Turkish Adventure pages are in memory of all the people in Turkey who lost their lives in the earthquake following the eclipse. While we experienced 45 seconds of the earthquake, at our location it had lessoned to a 3.5. Thousands of others to our north were not so lucky.

A Limited number of Special Eclipse Souvenirs are now Available from both Romania & Turkey.
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