Total Solar Eclipse Progression - 20mm lens at Lake Hazar, Turkey - August 11, 1999

Above is a series of six photographs taken on the shores of Lake Hazar about 25 miles from Elazig, Turkey. Using a Nikor 20mm wide angle lens and a Nikon F4 and a beach umbrella with chair the setup was pointed slightly west of due south with the format vertical. We used Fuji 200 asa color negative film and an f-stop setting of f5.6. The first photo was taken a few minutes before 2nd contact as the overall light had begun to fade considerably, but was still sufficient to illuminate the beach, chair and umbrella. The series progresses into what was the deepest point of Totality, approximately 1 minute 5 seconds from 2nd contact. Sky and horizon colors and degree of darkness has been adjusted to approximate how it "really" looked. Exposures during totality were varied from 1/2 second to 4 seconds. Notice that what appears to be the planet Mercury only appears in one frame (#4). The planet Venus was easily seen in all the exposures (and to the naked eye) to the left of the sun. Please note the reflected false sunset colors as the appear on the lake water as the darkness of totality deepens. All Photos (C)1999 ICSTARS Astronomy - Vic Winter/Jennifer Dudley.

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