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Short Sleeve T-Shirts
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TAM GUNES TATULMASI- The path of the last total solar eclipse of the milennium crossed major sections of europe and the middle east. For those concerned with clear weather forecasts, the ideal viewing location landed them in a small town in the center of Turkey, called Elazig. Thousands of people flooded the area which to date had yet to see one single tourist come to their small muslum town. Needless to say, the local population did not think to print any T-shirts for the visiting tourists. Here is ours...

Short Sleeve T-Shirts
Long Sleeve Shirts
$15.00 ea.
$20.00 ea.
THE LAST TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE OF THE MILLENNIUM - Eclipse chasers from around the world flocked to Europe for the last total solar eclipse of the millinneum. Not as many were so lucky for clear skies as others. This doesn't mean they can't share the real image of their quest with this universal display.

The Group Photo!!
$10.00 ea.
1999 Spears Travel Total Solar Eclipse Tour Group Picture. Specially prepared by ICSTARS

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1999 Total Solar Eclipse Composite Print - A demonstration for those who say they've seen an eclipse when only a partial. See how different the partial phases contrast to the glorious images of the diamond rings and Totality.

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