Live image of the Sun Today in Hydrogen Alpha:

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Solar Section
Latest Images
Newest imagery from the ICSTARS Ranch. All photographed using DayStar Filters' products by Jen Winter & Fred Bruenjes
The Aurora Section Features Images From The Last Solar Maximum That Generated A Couple Of  Rare Appearances Of Aurora in Kansas.
Solar Eclipses
The Eclipse Section Features Images From Both Total Eclipses and Annular Eclipses.

H-Alpha Archive
The New Hydrogen-Alpha Section Features Images Captured on film with a new prototype Hydrogen Alpha Prominence filter, A Comprehensive Guide To Observing The Sun In H-Alpha Complied By David Knisely, and historical H-Alpha images Captured By Vic Winter And Charles Douglas during the last solar max in 1989-1991.

White Light Historical Images from the last Solar Maximum featuring the years 1989-1991. Both color and B&W images as well as many close-up shots of sunspot groups.

Solar Links
The Solar Links Section Features Links To All Sorts Of Web Pages Related To Our Sun.