Live image of the Sun Today in Hydrogen Alpha:

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 Solar Imaging ICSTARS Style

Occasionally, our staff has the opportunity to image through DayStar equipment for various reasons.  Our camera of choice is a custom engineered high speed high resolution CCD camera, designed and built by Moonglow Technologies.   That camera is 2048 x 2048 and offers high speed video scale frame rates.   This is intended to "beat the seeing" limitations by capturing hundreds of images, then discarding all but the very sharpest frame.
The camera uses a gigabit ethernet connection to the computer for the large scale data stream being stored to the hard drive.  We might only use 1:200 frames captured.  A mathematical algorithm is used to sort the image files for contrast and sharpness. The camera has a black and white chip.  Color chips record

As our camera is able to exceed seeing limitations, we choose to image with the largest clear aperture possible.  We currently use a 150mm Celestron F/8 refractor. Because color corection is not needed when observing in a single, monochromatic red wavelength, we do not use an APO. An ED grade doublet works perfectly for this application.  

For best imaging, we select a position with best possible seeing. Whenever possible, imaging is performed on a second story outdoor southfacing deck overlooking an empty, flat field.   This reduces heat-related seeing of the first 10 feet above ground, as well as turbulence from trees. This flat field offers a laminar air flow situation.  Seeing is still often a concern, but viewing is improved.  Even with image-sort photography, windows of good seeing are needed for focus.

Custom Moonglow high resolution 2048x2048 webcam
Imaged 18 March, 2010  
Equipment:  0.4Å DayStar Quantum PE, 6" Celestron Refractor, 4X powermate, Moonglow Webcam
Custom Moonglow high resolution 2048x2048 webcam

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