Southern Skies Star Party 2007
July 14-21, 2007
Southern Skies Group:  Back row:  Max Miller, (conspicuously absent: Fred 'I don't shop' Bruenjes), Sean League
Middle Row: Gisela Halpern, Lloyd Spivak, Jenny Mabie, Pete Mabie, Jen Winter, Libby Winter
Front Row:  Hubertine Grosdidier, Rich 'Gee your hair's so shiny' Livitski, Bob Novo
Inhabitants of the Uru Floating Village of the Iruitu tribe welcome SSSP guests to thier floating island.
TiwanacuStatue Vendors SajamaMt JennyPass SSSP07Group
La Paz & Tiwanacu Locals Sajama Tour School Visit  
(c) ICSTARS Inc & Jen Winter