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Total Lunar Eclipse Photos 600mm - January 20-21, 2000Lunar Eclipse - 600mm lens (C)ICSTARS AstronomyLunar Eclipse - 600mm lens - (C)ICSTARS Astronomy

The Total Lunar Eclipse of January 20-21st 2000 was photographed under clear, crisp skies from the parking lot of Lymax Earth, Sky & Astronomy's store located in Independence, Missouri , USA. Working off a LosMandy CG-8 polar alligned mount the Nikon 600mm telephoto lens was stopped down to f8 and held a Nikon N90s camera body with Fuji color negative film asa 400 . These Totality shots were 16 seconds (top photo) and 8 seconds (second photo) exposures. The second photo was made near the maximum of totality. All photos (C)2000 by Vic & Jen Winter / ICSTARS Astronomy.

Total Lunar Eclipse Composite Photos - January 20-21, 2000

©2000 ICSTARS Astronomy
Two back-to-back exposures of 16 seconds and one 60 seconds were compiled for a better example of eyepiece viewing.

©2000 ICSTARS Astronomy
Totality in this eclipse displayed a wide spectral variance throughout. Bands of Deep Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and even occasionally some light purple tones were visible across the surface during totality.

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