Total Lunar Eclipse Animated Series - January 20-21, 2000

Total Lunar Eclipse Series (C)2000 ICSTARS Astronomy

Please Note: Watch during the Totality phase and follow the "brighter" limb of the moon as it appears to rotate clockwise. Because the moon did not pass directly through the center of the umbra during the totality phase, part of the limb was always much closer to the outer edge of the umbra. Take a look at a cool graphic showing the path of the moon put together by Fred Espenak of NASA.

The Total Lunar Eclipse of January 20-21st 2000 was photographed under clear skies from Independence, Missouri, USA. Working off a LosMandy CG-8 polar aligned mount the 600mm Nikkor lens shooting at f8 for phase shots and 2-6 seconds for totality shots, held a Nikon N90s camera body with Fuji color negative film asa 400. All photos (C)2000 by Vic & Jen Winter / ICSTARS Astronomy.

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