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Iridum Flares! Check out this page for an easy naked-eye observing outing. This page will be setup for Powell Observatory in Louisburg, Kansas. Just "edit" the location to add your observing location and bookmark that page. The bright "flare" lasts only a few seconds as the sun reflects off an Iridum satellite, but it is a sight to see! Some are -5 in magnitude! Go to the GSOC Satellite Visibility Page!

The ICSTARS Totally Lunar Page- Moon Links & Photos!

The Warner-Swasey Telescope Refurbishing Project - Save a  Refractor! 
The TWA Flight 800 Mystery - Downed by a Meteor?  

The Decommission of the ASKC Elmcrest Observatory.  
Clyde Tombaugh, Discoverer of Pluto - Photos and Related Links.  

Mars Mars Mania: CNN Interactive - Destination Mars.

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