Delivery Information

In Stock Items:

In stock items normally ship within 2-3 business days.  In case of a delay beyond this time, we will contact you with an estimated shipping date.
In some instances, goods will be in transit to or from certain trade-shows. 
If so, items shall be shipped immediately upon return to DayStar facility and within 7 business days of order.

Out of Stock Items:

Delivery time on out of stock items varies.  In many cases, an estimated lead time will be displayed on the product information page.
Orders may be accepted at any time on items out-of-stock.
Many orders produced by DayStar Filters are produced on a custom or case-by-case basis.  
Please feel free to contact our offices for current delivery times.

Delivery times as of November 1, 2013 are:
3-4 weeks for:
Blocker and Trimmers
ION Filters
CaII H line filters
Quantum upgrade:  
Quantum SE Filters
SolaREDi 80 Scopes

3-6 months for:
Quantum PE Filters
Ca II K Line PE Filters
Sodium Line FIlters
Solar System Filter Wheel


Items are shipped FOB Warrensburg, MO 64093, U.S.A.  Standard shipping methods are USPS Priority or Express mail. 
Shipment by UPS or Fedex is available by prior arrangement. 
We are not responsible for taxes, VAT or customs duties.