Eclipse Day near Morombe, Madagascar

©2001 ICSTARS - June 21, 2001

Mad_eclipseVillageTruck01 Mad_eclipse_chasers_01 Mad_eclipse_chasers_02 Mad_eclipse_chasers_03 Mad_eclipse_chasers_05 Mad_eclipse_chasers_06
Mad_eclipse_chasers_09 Mad_eclipse_chasers_10 Mad_eclipse_chasers_11 Mad_eclipse_chasers_12 Mad_eclipse_chasers_14 Mad_eclipse_chasers_15
Mad_eclipse_gun_binos_01 Mad_eclipse_soldier_01 Mad_eclipse_soldier_02 Mad_eclipse_village_01 Mad_eclipse_village_02 Mad_eclipse_village_03
Mad_eclipse_village_04 Mad_eclipse_village_beach01 Mad_eclipse_village_eat Mad_eclipse_zz_gun_porter

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We were featured on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day !

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