Kenneth W. Willcox 1943 - 1999

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ICSTARS Astronomy

Ken pauses for a shot with Darius Morgan, Sr. during the 1994 Bolivian Eclipse trip..

ICSTARS Astronomy

As "President" of NASA, Ken met with the Director of the Mint in Potosi, Bolivia the day after the 1994 eclipse.


ICSTARS Astronomy

Ken and Sara (above left) get their sneakers shined outside a cafe in Potosi, Bolivia. Ken pauses for a second outside a church in old La Paz.


Photo by Lorenzo the Llama

The small "hill" was only 600 feet high... but when the flat ground you start on is 12,500 feet above sea level it's quite a climb! Ken poses with fellow climbers Fred Espenak, Pat Totton and Vic Winter.

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Also take a look at Fred Espenak's Tribute to Ken.

Another one of Ken's dreams was to place a large aperture StarMaster telescope at the Lake Titicaca observatory in Bolivia. We have in place, a 501-(C)(3)(Charitable), Not-For-Profit corporation- StarGarden Foundation, which is dedicated to further astronomical purposes.

A special account has been set up to raise funds to purchase a 22 inch telescope and transport it to the observatory in Bolivia. The telescope will not only be available to local observers and for public star parties, but to anyone who makes a donation and wants use of a large aperture telescope in the southern skies.

If you are interested in helping make one of Ken's dreams come true please send your tax deductible donation to:

StarGarden Foundation

c/o Ken Willcox Fund

4907 W. 57th Terrace

Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66205