Kenneth W. Willcox 1943 - 1999

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ICSTARS Astronomy

At the 1996 SSSP Ken paddled around Lake Titicaca in an authentic reed boat
ICSTARS Astronomy

During the 1996 SSSP Ken and I removed the primary mirror and cleaned up the observatory scope.
ICSTARS Astronomy

Ken enjoys a good laugh (above left) while listening to a group member of the SSSP try and translate spanish. Ken displays a rather dusty mirror before cleaning (Above right) during the 1996 SSSP.

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Another one of Ken's dreams was to place a large aperture StarMaster telescope at the Lake Titicaca observatory in Bolivia. We have in place, a 501-(C)(3)(Charitable), Not-For-Profit corporation- StarGarden Foundation, which is dedicated to further astronomical purposes.

A special account has been set up to raise funds to purchase a 22 inch telescope and transport it to the observatory in Bolivia. The telescope will not only be available to local observers and for public star parties, but to anyone who makes a donation and wants use of a large aperture telescope in the southern skies.

If you are interested in helping make one of Ken's dreams come true please send your tax deductible donation to:

StarGarden Foundation

c/o Ken Willcox Fund

4907 W. 57th Terrace

Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66205