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The 5th Annual Southern Skies Star Party

This year's star party started off in a flurry of activity with the dedication of the Ken Willcox Memorial Telescope. A 22 inch Starmaster dobsonian was donated to the people and children of Bolivia, South America by The StarGarden Foundation.

View a slide show of the Telescope Dedication.

Hundreds of pounds of school supplies were transported this year to Bolivia along with telescopes. An inpromptu gathering at a local school set the stage for a coloring contest, an astronomy Q&A and the presentation of prizes for the students and much needed educational materials.

View a slide show of the School Presentations.

The people of the Huatajata area around Lake Titicaca as well as La Paz carry on their daily lives as astronomer-tourists from around the world capture a few moments with still and video cameras.

View a couple of slide shows:
Scenes From Bolivia

Scenes From Bolivia 2

One of the many day trips enjoyed by the group was a trip to the mystical ruins of Tiwanacu, a historical site full of astronomical structures and mysteries.

View a slide show of
A Tour of Tiwanacu.

The relaxed atmosphere of the Inca Utama Hotel and the observing area by Lake Titicaca provided a meeting place for the astronomers of SSSP2K.

View a slide show of The People & Observing Area.

The dark skies of Lake Titicaca combined with an observing altitude of 12,300 feet make for a near perfect location for photography. "Seeing" and transparency on most nights are amazing. SSSP2K had 6 out of 6 clear nights from dusk until after 1 a.m. Only two early mornings suffered from some scattered clouds.

View a slide show of Astro shots from Lake Titicaca.

Take a look at the 2000 SSSP Group Photo!

SSSP 2001 will be held May 19-26, 2001.

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SSSP2k Group Photo

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