Sign-up Information Sheet:

Southern Skies Star Party, in it's 7th year is proud to invite you to join for an adventure you'll never forget.
Prices this year are estimated at approximately $1649 per person, double occupancy, but are subject to change until registration and deposits are received and accepted by the Southern Skies Star Party.
Submission of this information does not constitute enrollment in SSSP, but is necessary for application.
Due to limited space, only the first 50 submissions will be accepted. Applications will be accepted in the order they are recieved with SSSP director, Vic Winter.
Dates are Saturday, June 8th through Saturday, June 15th, 2002
For additional information and questions, contact Vic at

Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Number Of Guests in Party
Other Guest Names:

Will this be your first SSSP Expedition? This is my first. I have been before.
Are all members of your party Astronomers? yes. no.
Do you expect to bring a scope? yes. no.
What equipment?

Is this equipment oversized by airline luggage standards? yes. no.
Will you require power at your observing site? yes. no. What variety?
Will you be imaging or shooting? yes. no.
List areas of greatest personal interest or specialties you have or wish to share.

Do you or members of your party speak Spanish? yes. no. How well?
Would you like to participate in the public observing night for area locals? yes. no.
Do you have material you would like to present? yes. no.
If so, will you require any special audiovisual presentation equipment at the location? yes. no.
Will this be your first trip above 10,000 feet in altitude? I've been above 10,000 before. This will be the first time.
Please list any specific cardiovascular or pulmonary conditions you have:

**Note, SSSP will not refuse applications based on medical condition. This decision is the choice of your personal physician. SSSP may require written release from your physician to attend. SSSP needs medical information to better serve you in the event care is required on location. **

Name and phone number of emergency contact (who is authorized to give medical release for you).

Would you be interested in making a donation to the StarGarden Foundation to help promote Astronomy? yes. no.
Would you be interested in receiving further information about the StarGarden Foundation and its current projects?
yes. no.
Are you or members of your party interested in information about optional daytime excursions in the area? yes. no.
Are you or members of your party interested in further information about optional trip extensions to neighboring destinations of interest in the region such as Machu Picchu, Mountaneering or the Amazon Jungle? yes. no.

SSSP is directed by Vic Winter and ICSTARS Astronomy, Inc.
4907 W. 57th Terr. Shawnee Mission, KS 66205 • (913) 432-3536 •

Donations to the StarGarden Foundation should be made payable to:
StarGarden Foundation • 4907 W. 57th Terr. Shawnee Mission, KS 66205

ICSTARS, SSSP, and StarGarden are not liable for loss, injury, or accident associated with travel, travel arrangments, or transportation to, from or at the Southern Skies Star Party. Southern Skies Star Party and SSSP are registered Service Marks of Vic Winter and ICSTARS Astronomy


* Southern Skies Star Party is a registered Service Mark of ICSTARS Astronomy