Aruba '98 - Totality in the Tropics

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Totality in the Tropics CD CoverAvailable now from ICSTARS Astronomy
it's "Aruba '98-Totality in the Tropics"

For anyone who has tried to convey the experience of chasing and observing a total eclipse of the Sun, this is your chance to really show what it was like...

This custom multimedia CD depicts the experience of eclipse chasers like yourself on the island of Aruba, February 26, 1998.
It's chock-full of educational material, maps, and drawings from NASA's own "Mr. Eclipse", Fred Espenak.

You'll recieve the full tour experience from photographers such as Vic Winter, Fred Espenak, Mark Schroeder and video footage from Ken Willcox, Vic Winter, Ken Burtin, Mike Barrett, Greg Shanos, Bob Shambura.

We even included the sights, sounds, and culture of the beautiful Dutch Caribbean and Island of Aruba. Plus, learn a little 'Papiamento' (the one-of-a-kind Aruban language) in our cultural section.

This interactive guided tour slide-show and quick-time video CD displays beginning to end, what thousands of professional and amateur astronomers (and their families) traveled from all around the world to experience.

Available for both PC and Mac for $25.00
ISBN# 1-893820-00-9

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