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Last Updated October 5, 2014
Daystar Breaks Ground on new 10,000 Sq Ft Facility
Daystar Introduces QUARK H alpha Eyepiece
ICSTARS now US Dealer for Skylight telescopes
ICSTARS buys new building for Telescope Store.
Owners visit Sommers-Bauch Observatory
Follow Daystar Filters on Facebook
Australia Eclipse 2012 - Great Barrier Reef
DayStar Filters' Solar filter launched on mission to space.
Last Transit of Venus at ICSTARS Ranch.
Ashes of Late Vic Winter launched on Space-X rocket to ISS
ICSTARS Observes Annular eclipse with new SolaREDi 80mm
DayStar introduces new SolaREDi 80mm Telescope
ICSTARS Owner, Fred Bruenjes Discovers Comet
ICSTARS visits Unversity of Colorado Boulder
DayStar introduces new ION filters
DayStar builds Hydrogen Beta filter
DayStar Launches photo forum
and technical knowledge base site.
ICSTARS Meets Darth Vader's 501st Legion
Moonglow introduces All Sky Cam video camera
DayStar Filters offers 4-Cavity Filter Wheel
Helium Balloon Launch to the edge of space
Easter Island Eclipse Trip 2010
Eclipse Orchestrator Software Released
ICSTARS Leads 14th Year of SSSP in 2010
Annular Eclipse 2010 in Burma
Leonids to Storm in 2009 over India
DayStar makes Filters for NSO and GONG project
Site Inspection for China Eclipse
DayStar gets Cabin Fever Images in the Snow
Online Database for Astro Tours Bookings
SolaREDi Telescope upgraded to 60mm
Our Spacious Skies Available in Paperback
ICSTARS Owners Visit Mt. Wilson
Asteroid Patrol Begins at ICSTARS Ranch
ICSTARS Leads Mongolia Eclipse Trip
Douglas Observatory Gets New Roof
Interference Eliminator for H-Alpha Imaging
Astrotours Offers Groups to China, Kiribati
New DayStar SolaREDi Telescope
ICSTARS Continues SSSP 2007
DayStar introduces Quantum Housing
DayStar offers new, visual Ca II H-Line Filter
ICSTARS Suffers loss of Owner, Vic Winter
ICSTARS Recovers Meteorite on Eclipse Trip
ICSTARS owners buy DayStar Filters

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