(C)2004 Vic & Jen Winter/ ICSTARS Astronomy - A composite of 6 images taken over the course of 7 hours during the transit from the roof of the Luxor Sheraton in Luxor Egypt on June 8, 2004. A 4 inch refractor and a Solarin .3 angstrom Hydrogen Alpha filter were used with a Nikon F2 camera and Kodak Tech Pan film. Temperatures reached 116 degrees in the shade at 3rd contact.
Keep in mind the chromosphere does change in appearance quite a bit in 7 hours so the surface was hard to match up in certain areas. The giant prominance (left) was visible before the transit started, but faded quickly as the transit progressed.
Our location:
Luxor, Egypt - North 25 degrees 40.931 / East 32 degrees 37.656 / Altitude 234 feet
First contact (white light): 05:20:12 UT - In H-Alpha it was– 05:18:57 UT (1 minute 15 seconds earlier!)
Second contact (white light): 05:39:10 UT
Third contact (white light): 11:06:10 UT / In H-Alpha it was – 11:07:00 UT
Fourth contact (white light): 11:23:59 / In H-Alpha– 11:25:50 UT (1 minute 49 seconds later)

The Blackdrop Effect - Images.

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