Comet Hyakutake 1996 (B)
Photographed by Norbert Frischauf. This photograph was made on March 25th at Col de la Faucille in France. This is a mountain with an elevation of about 1350m. Exposure time was 3 minutes from 1:51:06 - 1:54:06 UT with a 50mm Objective at f/2,8. As Film I used a Kodak GOLD 400. The camera was mounted piggyback on a C90, which functioned as a guidance telescope. It was wonderful night, with some hazy clouds from time to time. But never the less, one could see the comet with a brightness of about 0 mag and a tail with ca. 25 to 30 degrees! (C)1996 By Norbert Frischauf.

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