Eclipsed moon and Clouds
Photographed by Vic Winter with a 500mm f4 lens with an exposure of 1/4 second on Fuji Super G 400 ASA Color Negative film pushed 1/2 of a stop. Tripod mounted exposure, with wind blocked by my truck. Very cloudy skies, but a hole opened up and the eclipsed moon popped out for about 5 minutes. Winds were a steady 35 mph with gusts to 45 mph. Temperature: 42 degrees F. With the moon well past totality, the last bit of shadow covers a small portion of the moon as seen in this photo. The moon appeared a very bright yellow at the time to the naked eye. Photo taken at about 1:50 U.T. April 4, 1996. Location: Parking area of Powell Observatory located 35 miles south of Kansas City, USA. (C)1996 Vic Winter.

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