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The Moon

The Moon - Jupiter & Saturn form Nice Alignment - (C)1999 ICSTARS Astronomy

On monday morning (Oct. 25th) about 1a.m. CDT the moon formed a nice conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn. A very pretty triangle! I shot it with a tripod mounted Nikon N90s and an 85mm lens. Two exposures. One for the full moon and another a second later for the planets. Combined the two in Photoshop. (The exposure differance was just too great for one shot) Jupiter was at -2.93 mag at the time. Saturn was +1.63 . I also noticed that while the trio were fairly close together in the sky... they all happen to be in different consellations. The moon was 99.61% sunlit and in Cetus. Jupiter was lurking in Pisces and Saturn was in Aries.

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