1998 Leonids - The All Sky Fireball

An 8mm All-Sky photograph shows an estimated -12 magnitude Leonid meteor as it streaks across the sky at 1:45 CST on the morning of November 17, 1998 at Powell Observatory near Louisburg, Kansas, located about 30 miles south of Kansas City. Nearly as bright as a full moon, this bolide (fireball) meteor lit up the area as it passed overhead. East is located at the bottom of the photograph with west at the top. The constellation Orion in the southern sky can be seen in the middle right of the photograph. Members of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City estimated more than 200 meteors per hour were seen from the observatory grounds between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. c.s.t. Other smaller Leonid meteors can also be seen in the 5 minute exposure. The skyglow from Kansas City can be seen in the left portion of the photograph (north). The constellation of Leo can be seen rising above the tree line in the bottom of the photo.

(C)1998 - Photo by Vic Winter & Jennifer Dudley/ ICSTARS Astronomy. 

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