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The Diamond Ring - A series of six photographs taken during the last 5 seconds before totality. Using no solar filter, the exposures were at 1000th of a second on Fuji 200asa color negative film at f5.6 /500mm telescope.

Aruba Diamond Ring (C)1998 Vic WinterAruba Diamond Ring (C)1998 Vic WinterAruba Diamond Ring (C)1998 Vic Winter
Aruba Diamond Ring (C)1998 Vic WinterAruba Diamond Ring (C)1998 Vic Winter

All Photos (C)1998 Vic Winter/ICSTARS Astronomy.

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Fred Espenak courtesy the P. Totten ArchivesYes, He's been photographing and chasing total solar eclipses for years... and it hasn't aged him a bit! In fact, there is a rumored "Dick Clark" effect from standing in the moons shadow that he has been looking into. He wrote great reports back and high school and is still cranking them out today... take a look at: A Brief Report on the Total Solar Eclipse of 1998 February 26 by Fred Espenak.


Fred Espenak courtesy the P. Totten Archives"He's Hot!" is how one eclipse chaser described the person we all know and love...

"Mr. Eclipse" himself... Fred Espenak.

Take a look at the best eclipse information page on the planet and read the Reports of the 1998 Total Solar Eclipse compiled by Fred.


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Jack C. Wells' Eclipse '98 Totality in Aruba page.

Bob and Claire Gadbois Eclipse Page.

Bob Braeunig of the Birmingham Astronomical Society's Eclipse Page.

High Moon- A website about eclipses, astronomy and more.

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