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Comet 17P Holmes OUTBURST!
Sudden outburst causes small comet to suddenly brighten to a naked-eye object.
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ICSTARS Announces the new SolaREDi line-up of pre-configured Hydrogen Alpha Telescopes using DayStar Filters and a number of telescopes hand-selected for optimum features.  SolaREDi telescopes are configured with ease of use as the highest priority for both high resolution and full disk views... at a huge savings.
80mm w/EQ 0.7Å: $2399 or 0.5Å: $3749
90mm w/TT 0.7Å: $2999 or 0.5Å: $4199
100mm w/TT 0.7Å: $3099 or 0.5Å: $4299
127mm w/TT 0.7Å: $3599 or 0.5Å: $4699

ICSTARS to Lead 2008 Total Eclipse Expedition to Mongolia!
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