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An unbelievable Meteor Train was shot near Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado during the peak of the Perseid shower on August 11, 1994. A -8 magnitude Fireball lit up the sky during the shower and left a huge glowing V-shaped train. David Preston, a member of the Astronomy Society of Kansas City, captured the train with a 50mm lens with his camera mounted on a tripod. The train was visible for nearly 20 minutes!

The Star and Nebula filled Cygnus region of the Milky Way was shot by John Cravens. Most of John's photos were taken on April 13, 1994 with the Powell Observatory 30-inch f/5 telescope. They were made on Konica SR-G3200 print film; processing and printing was at CPI 1-Hour Photo.

The beautiful Double Cluster was photographed by ASKC member John Cravens.

The Globular Cluster M-13 A 5 min. exposure at prime focus photographed by ASKC member John Cravens.

A comet Lights up the Sky and was photographed in a 2 min exposure at prime focus by ASKC member John Cravens.

The Seven Sisters Better known as The Pleiades was photographed by ASKC member John Cravens.

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