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In the Fall of 1988, Mars, The Red Planet put on a great show during its close opposition. Rett Alonzi shot this image of Mars on Tech Pan 2415 film during a rare night of very excellent and super steady seeing. The photo was shot at prime focus on the Powell 30 inch reflector and then colorized with Photoshop.

During a special event John Dobson visited Powell Observatory during the Mid-States Regional Convention. John, creater of the Dobsonian style of telescope, looked over telescopes, talked with members and later that evening gave a talk on his views of the cosmos.

During the first months of 1995 The 30 inch Telescope at Powell Observatory was refitted with a new computer control and drive system. Due to extremely cold weather during the work, a plastic balloon was inflated inside the dome to allow reasonable working temperatures. Assistant Observatory Directors Nick Reuss and Robert Haler spent hundreds of hours on the project.

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