11:03 PM, May 09, 2003 - Photographed from the ICSTARS Ranch office building. These 10-second exposures were shot back-to-back over the course of approximately 1.5 minutes - in nearly complete darkness. This was some 3-5 minutes after the heaviest storm had passed. This funnel cloud was very disorganized and did not touch-down near our location Northwest of Warrensburg. This was the 4th such twister to hit the immediate Warrensburg / Knob Noster area in 6 days.
Hail as large as 2" in diameter pounded us for some 2-5 minutes.  Most of the hail was very irregular in shape.  Some had pointy spikes all around like the one pictured at center. After this storm passed, we experienced 3 more severe thunderstorms with heavy lightning continuing all through Friday night and Saturday morning until dawn.

Copyright 2003 Vic & Jen Winter