Construction has been completed
and the Douglas Observatory is now open for Observing!
Call 660-747-9458 for Information on Public Observing Nights.

Click here for a map to the observatory.

Snapshots of the Douglas Observatory in the summer of 2004

Vic Winter shows off the 16 inch telescope to Paul & Cathy Anderson of Puma, Arizona.
The scope was donated to StarGarden Foundation and the Douglas Observatory by Gil & Kathy Machin.

The Groundbreaking Ceremony For the Observatory was held Saturday, May 18, 2002.
A nice group was on hand for the festivities.
Click HERE to see lots more of photos from the event!
For more information on the StarGarden Foundation - Click here!

StarGarden Foundation, Inc. a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of astronomy education in the midwest will be breaking ground and capturing the very first photon in the first phase of an astronomical observatory complex. The structure will be named the Charles Douglas Memorial Observatory and dedicated to a long-time amateur astronomer from the Kansas City area.

The Douglas Observatory complex will feature at least two major telescopes, an 8-inch refractor previously used at the Elmcrest Observatory and the famous Machin Battlescope 16" reflector as well as several other telescopes, binoculars housed in two roll-off roof assemblies and an observing deck.
The observatory will be open to the public at such a time as construction phases make the facility safe for public access. Observers may visit the location to observe prior to or after the completion of the observatory.

The first rendering of the Charles Douglas Memorial Observatory

Fund Raising for the Observatory is near completion! The ASKC has recently joined with StarGarden and generously donated the entire Elmcrest Observatory fund toward the project to help build the Charles Douglas Memorial Observatory. This new ASKC observatory will begin construction by Mid to late September. Remember, we're not quite there yet. Funds for the project are still needed! If you would like to support the project, be sure to attend the ICSTARS Star Party.  All proceeds directly benefit the observatory project. If you would like to contribute to the Observatory fund in memory of Charles Douglas, send your tax deductable contribution, payable to the StarGarden Foundation at the following address.

Charles Douglas Memorial Observatory
Attention: Tom Martinez
25212 Lone Pine Drive
Cleveland, Missouri 64734-9344