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The Moonglow Technologies All Sky Cam gives you a live video view of the entire sky, day or night, rain or shine. Mount it up with a clear view of the sky, connect it up, then sit back and see the sky 24/7/365 from the comfort of your living room or anywhere else. With no confusing controls or requirements, the All Sky Cam is always on, always providing live full color video.

Download our PDF Sales Sheet for a quick introduction to the All Sky Cam and companion Uploader product.

See live cameras at AllSkyCam.com. This is just a small sampling of the cameras we have shipped worldwide, there are now All Sky Cams on all seven continents! Cameras are in use at professional observatories, by NASA, museums, astronomy clubs, and many amateur astronomers and weather watchers.


ICSTARS Inc owned
DayStar Filters is pleased and excited to announce our latest and most dramatic development: the QUARK Hydrogen Alpha "Eyepiece"

This new, All-In-One design marries all high quality components of a telecentric barlow, adapters, snouts and Daystar* hydrogen alpha filter all-in-one.

Designed for optimal performance on refractors of F/4 - F/8, the Quark is available in a choice of Prominence or Chromosphere models for only $995.00

For further information contact:
149 Northwest OO Highway
Warrensburg, MO 64093