The 1996 Texas Star Party


The 1996 Texas Star Party
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Upper field-prude Ranch
The upper field at the Prude Ranch.

Dust image
Dust was a major pain this year at the ranch.

Dust devils image
Pesky dust devils and wind gusts shook the tents daily.

Clouds image
A rare evening thunderstorm brought great cloud formations.

People image
Rick Singmaster and Johnny & Pat Allen prepare for observing.

Swap meet image
Trees provided shade for the swap meet.

Hot temps image
One day on the field, temperatures hit 108 degrees.

Jupiter image
Jupiter and the Teapot under the Milky Way.

Milky Way image
A 20mm shot of the northern Milky Way.

Lagoon and trifid image
The Lagoon and Trifid Nebulas.

Waiting image
Waiting for darkness to fall.

Dust devil image
An afternoon dust devil plows though the telescopes.

Killer stairs
The new stairs were a 'slight' problem at night.

Cloud image
Beautiful evening clouds graced the skies one evening.

Upper field-prude Ranch
Tom Bisque prepares for an evening of ccd astronomy.

Self port image
Myself and a Starmaster 16 inch dob.

Hale bopp image
The comet Hale Bopp.

comet kopff image
The comet Kopff.

Milky way image
The summer southern portion of the Milky Way.

milky way image
The heart of the Milky Way.

All Photographs (C)1996 by Vic Winter.
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