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Images From The 1995 Texas Star Party
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What would the Texas Star Party be without dust? In the insert, footprints were visible after a brief shower.

The main field was almost filled with telescopes by mid-week.

The order of the day was lashing down telescopes to ward off the daily killer dust devils.

Tracy Weber escapes the West Texas sun and relaxes in the shade.

Housekeeping chores at the biggest scope on the field.

A wide variety of scopes and creative light shrouds filled the field.

Bob Nederman and his 17.5 inch dob.

A beautiful sunset greeted stargazers as twilight fell on the main field.

In what has come to be a godsend to local residents, the annual TSP broke the West Texas drought by bring in the rains.

Gil Machin looks over the "Waterfall" and the giant delta of silt after the rains tapered off.

A heavy thunderstorm turned the main field in an instant lake and the water had only one place to go... the main stairway.

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