Hawaii Total Eclipse - July 11, 1991

The Big Island - Hawaii - Hapuna Beach - Kona Coast
What would have normaly been a sunny day turned out clooudy and rainy for the eclipse. Our group was lucky... the clouds parted a bit just before totality and we were at least able to see the event. The "going out" phase shots below were with no filter.
Hawaii_1991_a_In_01 Hawaii_1991_dring1st_a Hawaii_1991_dring1st_b Hawaii_1991_e_palm_300 Hawaii_1991_f_comp
Hawaii_1991_out_01 Hawaii_1991_out_02 Hawaii_1991_out_03 Hawaii_1991_out_04 Hawaii_1991_out_05
Hawaii_1991_out_06 Hawaii_1991_out_07 Hawaii_1991_out_08 Hawaii_wVic HawBinoc
Haweyes HawMask HawMount Haw_w_Tree