Texas Star Party 2002

Photos by Vic & Jen Winter

This was another great year for TSP at the Prude Ranch in Ft. Davis, Texas. The weather was generally cooperative and we had quite a number of good, clear nights. This year, the Ranch had pea-gravel delivered and it really helped to keep the dust down. Planets were the subject at dusk with Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter all visible on the ecliptic. This year, John Waggoner's observing list was entitled "seeing double", an objective in viewing two objects in the same field of view. I only witnessed one unidentified glowing object in the cloudy sky on Wednesday night. However, no one could be associated as the source of the glowing goo material, so it shall remain a mystery.

Cunningham DSC00030 DSC00043 DSC00044 DSC00048 DSC00049
Cunningham.jpg DSC00030.jpg DSC00043.jpg DSC00044.jpg DSC00048.jpg DSC00049.jpg
DSC00052 DSC00053 DSC00054 DSC00055 DSC00058 DSC00059
DSC00052.jpg DSC00053.jpg DSC00054.jpg DSC00055.jpg DSC00058.jpg DSC00059.jpg
Gillw11 JasonWare Judy Jupiter1 Jupiter2 Jupiter3
Gillw11.jpg JasonWare.jpg Judy.jpg Jupiter1.jpg Jupiter2.jpg Jupiter3.jpg
Lookinside Marilyn Saturn swap Swap2 Swap3
Lookinside.jpg Marilyn.jpg Saturn.jpg swap.jpg Swap2.jpg Swap3.jpg
Tak4sale Unknown
Tak4sale.jpg Unknown.jpg

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