April 11th 2001 Aurora Slide Show

(C)2001 ICSTARS Astronomy, Inc.
With a K index of 7 chances of aurora were about 50/50 in the Kansas City but the weather was not favorable. Winds were averaging a steady 40 mph with gusts up to 65 mph reported. A dark spot near Farley, Missouri (northwest of Kansas City) was a perfect place to give it a shot. Despite heavy clouds that opened and closed "holes" the aurora was bright enough to light up the thinner clouds. Our observing session was short - 2:45UT (9:45 pm CDT) until just after 4:00 UT when the sky got even worse and the winds even stronger. The first shot in the show is one of my favorites as it shows our girls braving the winds to watch the light show. Click on any image to start the slide show.

Aurora01_farley_4_11_01_Net Aurora03_L_A_4_11_01_Net Aurora04_farley_4_11_01_Net Aurora04_windy_4_11_01_Net Aurora05_farley_4_11_01_Net
Aurora08_windy_4_11_01_Net Aurora09_windy_4_11_01_Net Aurora10_windy_4_11_01_Net Aurora11_windy_4_11_01_Net Aurora14_windy_4_11_01_Net
Aurora20_windy_4_11_01_Net Aurora21_windy_4_11_01_Net Aurora27_farley_4_11_01_Net Aurora30_windy_4_11_01_Net Aurora31_windy_4_11_01_Net