NSP 1997 (C) by Vic Winter/ICSTARS Astronomy
Welcome to The Nebraska Star Party
1997 ICSTARS Slide Show
The 4th Annual Nebraska Star Party was held at Merritt 
Reservoir, 27 miles south of Valentine, Nebraska, August 2-9, 1997. 

In its first three years, NSP has established itself as the 
premier summer dark-skies star party. Last year, 250 
participants observed under the excellent skies at Merritt 
and many families enjoyed numerous daytime activities. 
This year over 300 attended, and there were over 100 
telescopes of all sizes. 

One of the premier attractions of NSP is the fantastic naked-eye view of the summer Milky Way. Though observers will obviously spend long nights at the eyepiece, expect to spend as much time just looking up in awe at the fantastic summer sky. The NSP Milky Way truly looks 
like an edge-on spiral galaxy and the central bulge is clearly visible. 
Limiting magnitude is 7.5+ with some observers breaking 8th magnitude naked eye!! 

1997 Programs and Speakers Were: 
Vic Winter (Comet Hale-Bopp), 
Brenda Culbertson (Binocular Activities for AmateurAstronomers), 
Dave Scherping (Name that Object), 
Bob Linderholm (Hunting for Minor Planets), 
Richard Wilds (Observing Occultations)...and more!