Perseid Meteor Shower - Aug 11th, 2001

With only 3 hours of true darkness before moonrise the window for shooting this meteor shower was fairly slim. A heavy dew followed by a temporary layer of dense fog cut that time to even less. We witnessed 5 or 6 minus 3 or brighter fireballs, but alas, none were in our camera frames. This zero magnitude meteor shot down the MilkyWay and was about the best we came up with. During the evening we were seeing counts in the 20-25 per hour range.The highlight of the evening came from daughter Aerica pointing out a very bright, suddenly appearing out-of-place star. It was an iridium flare up near Cygnus that had to be at least a -4 magnitude. It also happened to be in the corner of the frame of an exposing camera and we nabbed it! The photo below was taken after the moon rose and the fog rolled in. (It cleared off about an hour later but the bright moon reduced visibility to all but the very brightest of meteors. Photos by Vic & jen Winter/ (C)2001 ICSTARS Astronomy, Inc.

A bright iridum flare lit up the sky.

Fog rolled in and the moon rose at about midnight_30 local time.