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On the Ice in Antarctica for Totality
The Shadow moved-in from east to west across the southern sky as diamond ring occurred on the opposite side of the Sun's disk. We observed shadow bands on the ground which looked like a thin, 2" deep sea of smoke moving quickly from east to west for some 10 minutes. The entire sky twinkled and shimmered in a glimmering penumbra with a very strange overall shadow-band effect we have never witnessed before.  The corona showed large forked streamers spiking off the 1:00 position in a green hue, with the lower half of the corona migrating through the yellow, orange and red spectrum down to the horizon. The Sun's disc appeared to 'roll' across the horizon from right to left, with third contact appearing in a 'kiss' wedged between sun, moon and earth.

Temperatures dropped from -5c to -24c and high wind arose during totality which brought wind-chills to a severe level. Many observers endured very extreme conditions to equipment and exposed hands during totality, with heavy battery failure and severe cold exposure to un-gloved fingers.

The shadow progression photos were taken with a Pentax medium format 6x7 camera and a 45mm wide angle lens at f4 - 1/250 th sec exposure. Fuji 800 asa color negative film was used. Tripod mounted (no tracking). All photos (C)2003 by Vic & Jen Winter ICSTARS Astronomy, Inc.
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