On The Ice - The Expedition to Antarctic Totality
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After two major weather delays our group was finally off to the Antarctic from Cape Town and a Total Solar Eclipse. This slide show is intended to give the viewer a glimpse into the trip down to Antarctica, a day on the ice in our basecamp with a short journey to the eclipse site. A spectacular Total Eclipse with the sun/moon kissing the horizon, celebration, flights in the world's largest bi-planes flown by expert Russian pilots and then the flight back to Cape Town. Slides will change by themselves or you can go to an image by clicking on the thumbnail to the left. All photos (C) 2003 By Vic & Jen Winter/AstronomicalTours/ICSTARS Astronomy, Inc.


Our transportation - The Russian Ilyushin 76TD cargo plane ready for boarding in Cape Town, South Africa.

The 1st Humans to Witness a Total Solar Eclipse on the Continent of Antarctica!