Official Secret Society of Antarctic Solar Eclipse Chasers
Group Photo - November 23, 2003.

Pictured from Left to Right : Expedition Leaders Vic Winter, Jen Winter & Robert Schreuders, CTC Staff, Rico Avellan-Borgmeyer, Ilka Poll, Carol Howat, Brian Warner, David Levy, Wendee Wallach-Levy, Deepak Bhimani, Xavier Jubier, Mrs & Mr Rowland, Geoff Carr, Ellen Drake, Bob Shambora, KC Csia, Becky Csia, Debbie O'Neil, Don Stacheruk, Fred Bruenjes, Christy Sweet, Roger Webb, Thomas Boder, Charles Simpson, Jim Huddle, Karen Mendenhall, Richard Cohen, Woody Campbell, Casper Badenhorst, Erik Johansson, Tora Greve. (soon to appear... Bengt-Allan Bergvall). (Behind us is our transportation - the Russian Ilyushin 76TD cargo plane)
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